Information and Applications

Our group’s research lies between the information sciences and emerging applications in data storage and communications. Our aim is to develop new frameworks with practical benefits to real-world information-systems. The engines of the new frameworks are constructive contributions in coding theory, information theory and algorithms. The new constructs are evaluated using both analytic and experimental treatments.

To span the broad research from theory to implementation, our group welcomes contributors (graduate students, post-docs) and collaborators with a broad set of research interests and inclinations: from deep theoreticians to system wizards.

Research Projects

1) Storage Devices

Data representation and coding

Error models and error-correcting codes

Architecture, data placement and access algorithms


2) Storage Systems

Multi-device storage arrays

Distributed storage

Fault-tolerance system optimization


3) Communication Networks

Coded distribution of data in networks

Codes for network switches

Satellite Networks


Spanned Research in 3 Dimensions

Academic Disciplines

Coding theory
Probability and Information theory
Combinatorial analysis
Graph theory
Abstract algebra
Systems theory


Flash Storage Physical Layer
Magnetic Storage Physical Layer
Storage systems
Storage security
Distribution networks
Fault tolerant systems

Research Modalities

Analytic frameworks


Research group


Yuval Ben-Hur (Ph.D) – coding for in-memory computing.

Yotam Gershon (MSc) – compression of fragmented DNA information.

Yuval Shicht (MSc) – reliable boosting algorithms.

Natan Peled (MSc) – wear-leveling algorithms for persistent memories.



Eshed Ram (PhD) – LDPC codes with sub-block locality.

Michael Gandelman (MSc) – Treeplication: an erasure code for decentralized storage systems.

Barak Farbman (MSc) – coded caching for content distribution networks.

Yuval Ben-Hur (MSc) – detection and coding schemes for resistive storage devices.

Amit Solomon (MSc) – error-correcting WOM codes: concatenation and joint design.

Kfir Mizrachi (MSc) – memory reliability for cells with strong bit-coupling interference.

Rami Cohen (Ph.D) – analysis and design of codes for high-speed memory devices and systems.

Evyatar Hemo (Ph.D) – algorithms and coding schemes for enhanced performance and reliability in multi-level non-volatile memories.

Nitzan Adler (MSc) – burst-erasure correcting codes with optimal average delay.

Saher Odeh (MSc) – NAND Flash architectures reducing write amplification through multi‐write codes.

Eyal Zohar (Ph.D, joint with Israel Cidon) – redundancy elimination in networked systems.

Zhiying Wang (visiting Ph.D from Caltech, 10-12/2012) – codes for network switches.

Gali Granot, Uri Gertzek (BSc. project) – 2D LDPC codes.

Omer Shaked (BSc. excellent-student project) – codes for network switches.

Amit Solomon (BSc. excellent-student project) – adaptive threshold read algorithms in multi-level non-volatile memories with uncertainty.